Road work slows down commute


Starting Nov 4, The City started construction at Addison and Sacramento, tearing up the pavement in order to put new pavement down. Between California and Kedzie, Addison has been forced into one west bound lane.

The East bound 152 Addison bus has been rerouted from Kedzie to California to Irving Park, causing significant delays during the morning rush hour.

It is unknown as to when the construction will be finished. It could be days, it could be weeks.

Tuesday morning, the construction was unknown to both  me and my sister (whom I ride the bus with every day). We boarded the bus at out normal time: 6:53 am, and expected to arrive at school by 7:30 am.  By 7:30, we were turning onto the narrow road of Kedzie. By 7:50, the bus was half way between Irving Park and Addison on the (yet again) narrow street of California. Everyone on the bus was starting to get antsy. When will we get to school? Are we going to be late? Should we just walk?

Eventually, as if a single though rippled through the minds of the Lane students crowding the bus, everyone got off and walked the rest of the way. It was not far, eight blocks tops, but everyone broke simple traffic laws to get to school on time. No one wanted a demerit. No one wanted to be late.

By the time I got to the entrance, the School Song that signifies the last three minutes before the bell was blaring through the PA  System.  I ran to my first period. I was not about to get my first demerit.

Unannounced to me, the school was not handing out demerits today because of traffic. This was advertised over the PA before I got into the building. It was also something that would have been helpful to have known when I walked into the building. Could no one stand at the entrance and announce this to the new people coming in? The information of no demerits is more useful to the people outside the school than the people comfortably inside the place.  I would have gone to my locker (for the materials I needed for my first period class). I would not have run in my heaviest and warmest sweater, a denim coat, and a warm hat, causing me to stew in my gross sweat for the rest of the morning.

Because road construction is notoriously slow in the city, I have no idea how long these delays will be. It will hopefully be done by the end of next week, or it can continue to go on for  months (like the construction on Milwaukee between Addison and Irving that has continued to aggravate commuters since the spring earlier this year).  It is suggested that students take Irving Park or Belmont instead of Addison. Irving Park is surprisingly fast, and empty. I might even start to use it as my normal bus rout instead of Addison.




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